Brand Story

Hongbo Luo, founder of the brand Loks Hair, used to be a math teacher in junior middle school.In winter of 2009, Hongbo Luo and his wife went to America for a short vacation. He found that the pursuit for beauty became more and more personalized there. It took too much time and energy to prepare a delicate hairstyle for a grand party or a special date. So wearing wigs was well accepted due to the convenience and creativity brought by wigs.

After coming back from America, Hongbo Luo decided to advance this hairdressing craft. He determinedly quitted his teaching job and went to America once again which was known as one of the biggest wigs and hair accessories markets in the world. And he collected thousands kinds of hair data there, including color, quality, porosity, hair flow direction, etc. there. After a series of researches like comparing, analyzing and testing, the wigs finally came out.

One Year Later, Hongbo Luo returned to China and established hair company in Guangzhou with his wife, mainly offering hair extensions, wigs and hair accessories. The company was named Loks Hair, which was inspired by his surname “LUO”. In the early days, Loks Hair has only two peoples.

After decades of development, Loks Hair has grown to become a professional hair company with more than 100 staffs and set up its factory in Xuchang, Henan, which was known as the cradle of hair products in China. In order to adapt to the new era of women fashion culture boom, in future, Loks hair will continually expands fashion products to the abroad to meet the fashion demands for people who are always in the pursuit of beauty besides the wig and hair extensions. 

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