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When did people start to color their hair?

Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017 | Post by Amy | 0 comment(s)

When did people start to color their hair?——Amy


With the invention of the bubble hair dye, hair has become a common part of our daily life, but you can know that in ancient Egypt to cover the white hair and black hair, to pay the cost of poisoning, and now we take you to see the history from ancient times.

1500 BC

Ancient Egyptians are extremely fond of black hair, and the ancient Egyptians also invented the white hair dyed black hair dye. After the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks extracted the liquid from the plants to the hair, but they paid the cost of poisoning, then they gradually found that the fermentation of the leech can be dyed hair black for up to 2 months. Since then, opened the history of human hair.

300 BC

In the era of the Roman Empire, the state obliged all prostitutes to dyed their hair in yellow to show the distinction of identity. Because most prostitutes choose to wear wigs, and some people will use plants and nuts burning after the ashes to hair. At the same time, the Gauls and the Saxons will dye their hair into a variety of bright colors to intimidate each other on the battlefield.

500 AD - 1500 AD red hair appears


Modern Many of us love the red hair, in the beginning when the fact is because of the gene mutation. The first record of the red hair is the Scots, and since then, people have always thought that red hair is related to witchcraft and very exclusive. Know that Queen Elizabeth was ruled because she was a natural red hair, so since then, the red hair began to be slowly accepted.

The first commercial hair dye appeared in 1907

Eugene Schueller created the first chemical hair dye for commercial purposes, which he called Aureole


1931 Platinum hair color appears


Modern we all know that most of the platinum hair color is dyed, and the special popular grandma gray is also evolved from the platinum hair color, and then the first appearance of platinum, is in 1931.

Howard Hughes and Jean Harlow are the founders of platinum hair color. Howard Hughes is the "Iron Man" in real life. At that time Hughes issued a film called "Platinum Blonde" is to promote the movie star Jean Harlow, Jean was dyed platinum hair color, the film will Jean successfully married into a sexy goddess, and platinum hair became the most Popular hair color, you know, at the time, you need to spend $ 10,000 to dyed and Jean Harlow the same hair color.


1950 family hair dye appeared


Before 1950, the hair dyed gold or platinum is a very damaging hair thing because the use of bleach to make hair damage. The real revolutionary change was in 1950, when Ikalu's boss Lawrence Gelb and his wife, Jane Clair, invented hair dyes that could blow hair and let the hair succeed. At that time the product name is called "Miss Clairol hair color bath", can make women at home can be the hair of the invention, at the time became a huge news. Can be seen from the name, which is now the prototype of the bubble hair dye.




By 1960, the hair has become a commonplace thing. But because people always secretly use hair dye, so can not understand a person really hair color, the United States even asked to write their own passport on the hair color information. Until 1940, L'Oreal company created a "you also deserve" slogan began, the community began to encourage people to use hair coloring products, and began to be open to discussion. So although the hair has been developed for a century, people's view of change is a long process.

In 1980 the star endorsement began to appear

Now you have become accustomed to seeing the star endorsement of a variety of hair products, but the real star began to endorsement hair products, began in 1980. Hollywood famous actress Cybill Shepherd and Heather Locklear is the first generation of starter for hair dye endorsement.

2014 color hair becomes the trend

Although most people have been used to dyed maroon or red, and a variety of hair dyed in recent years is also endless, but the real color hair into the trend, or 2014. Whether it is girl's color hair color or Kylie Jenner blue hair tail hair, make color hair was accepted by the public.


Hair has become an integral part of women's life


Although most of the world's about 70% of women in the use of hair products, whether it is hair salon dyed rainbow hair, or buy bubble hair dye at home can quickly complete the hair, hair has become a female life can not or Missing part of it.


For more color hair, please visit our website:

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