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How can we get a beautiful hair style after washing the hair

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 | Post by lokshair | 0 comment(s)

We usually find that after washing the hair and dry it at the salon by a hairstylist, the hair usually looks more beautiful than we wash and dry by ourselves at home. It is really more difficult for us to make a beautiful hair style by ourselves at home after washing the hair. So we choose to go to the hair salon, but at the same time, we waste much money and time. How can we get a beautiful hair style after washing the hair by ourselves at home. Lokshair find some wrong ways we usually do by ourselves, if we could avoid these wrong ways , then we will do better hair styles after washing by ourselves . These are the points lokshair find as following:

1. Always use a towel and dry the hair completely after washing
If we blow the hair but the hair still has water dropping from it, it will effect the hair conditioner hard to make a hair style, so after washing, the most important thing is dry the hair completely by a towel gently at first.

2. Don’t use a hair brush when blowing the hair
Some people usually comb the hair by a hair brush when they brow the hair, in fact, it is not good, it will very easy to cause tangle and shed, especially for the wavy, curly and long hairs. And once the hair is dry , it is not suitable to use a hair brush . The correct way is combing your hair before blowing , and please comb gently. Then when you blow the hair, it will be more smooth to go thought your hair brush and fingers. And it is better not use a hair brush , just use your finger, especially for wavy, curly and long hairs.

3. Blowing the hair in order.
People usually blow the hair at the top first, in fact , this is wrong, when blowing the hair, please following this : the hair end, the medium part of hair, then the root.

4. Rely on the hair conditioner and hair care too much when making a hair style
If putting too much hair conditioner and hair care, it will make the hair not looks like natural, and will be more hard to washing. So don’t use to much, for the hair conditioner and hair care , just use if hair feels dry or you need to smooth the hair. The natural look hair will be more comfortable and beautiful.

5. the hair conditioner and the hair care can’t be used evenly.
When using a hair conditioner and the hair care, please spray from top to end, then end to top. And please spray, don’t use your hand or hair brush.

6. Separate the hair to 2-3parting to blow.
We should separate the hair to 2-3parting for the whole head. You could separate depending on the thickness of the hair. After they are dry, then make them together . It will look good.

Hope the above tips can help you on getting a beautiful hair style by yourself. If you need more information, please contact Lokshair – “your professioner hair stylist”.

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