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How To Produce A Good Quality Human Hair Weft | Loks Virgin Human Factory

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2016 | Post by Ann Chow | 0 comment(s)

How To Produce A Good Quality Human Hair Weft | Loks Virgin Human Factory From China

Recently, many clients ask us about the workmanship about how we produce the hair weft in factory, as a professional hair manufacturer , we would love to share how Loks Virgin Hair Factory produce the human hair weft, if any ideas or suggestion, please feel free to leave your comment below.

1/2. high quality hair material collected by professional purchasing department. Hair material after washed, disinfected, reglular the hair, tidy the hair, packaged and weight the hair according to customer order

3/4. put the hair, sew the hair with glue, in this process, we use the top quality machine in the market, sewed by double line, glue in high quality, ensure the fastness of the weft, avoid shedding problem, also the sewing line keep the same color as the original human hair color, real top craftmanship, looks very regular and beautiful in double sew in.

5. cut the weft according to customer order, after cut the hair weft, will locked with both two sides, or covered glue, no shedding problem.

6. If hair need to make into different curl patterns, then worker will make the curl with different size rollers, then hot steam to have the pattern fixed.

7. After hair pattern is set, wash the hair again and conditioner it , then air dry the hair naturally.

Finally good quality virgin human hair weave come out.

if more question, welcome to inquiry as below:

Ann Chow


Phone#( whatsapp): 0086-18681422362

Skype: lokshairann

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